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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

So much has happened in the past year that it's been hard to even comprehend it all. Never would I have thought that we would live through a pandemic, witnessed hate crimes made on on people due to the color of their skin, and even the death of Kobe Bryant (I always thought he was made of steel and could never be hurt). It was a slap in the face that YES you may not live another day and YES the world can not be so kind.

So 2020 and now 2021 has presented so much of the unbelievable. In March my day job went from a salary full time job to a part time job with only a couple days notice. That meant that the check my family and I were so comfortable with would be cut in half. I had to do something to make up for the income.

This is where "Manifest your dreams" came into play, I just didn't know it's what I was doing. I created a small visual board and wrote down things I wanted to make happen. Everyday I focused on what I wanted and how to get it done. As you know I'm super impatient and I work fast. So if I know I want something I'll make it happen quick. Well in a couple months here we are. My small little jewelry/design business is up and running again and the little dreams of what I wanted for myself and my family came true (with a ton of hard work of course).

So now I keep a journal/planner and each day I write down 3 things I am thankful for and 3 things I want to manifest. Just so I have something to work towards. It's a good habit to put into play with all of the uncertainties of the world.

Hoping that our new "Manifest your dreams" sweatshirt can inspire you to also do the same for yourself.

With all the love,


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