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To increase the longevity of your R+L jewelry follow these simple steps. 

  • Store your jewelry in a sealed zip bag, sealed container, or the microfiber pouch that your R+L jewelry came with when not in use.

  • Avoid chemicals, perfumes, and lotions. Chemicals and liquids such as these can damage your jewelry if left on your jewelry for a long period of time. Chlorine, beach water, and sand can damage your pieces. Wiping your jewelry down after every use or rinsing it in lukewarm water can help your jewelry last for years to come.

  • Your R+L pieces can get wet BUT excessive water/moisture can effect the longevity of your R+L pieces. Caring for your R+L pieces will extend the longevity of your pieces. 

  • Avoid sleeping in jewelry to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

  • If your jewelry is looking dull, you can polish it right up with a polishing cloth!

  • To clean them, wash with lukewarm water and dish soap. 

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